What's Your Mom's Car?

Yesterday we asked what your significant other drives, but what about that other significant other in your life? The one who brought is into this world and threatens to take us out of it? What's your mom's car?


Wert's mom used to drive an old MG, an old VW Bug and the eighth Chrysler Sebring convertible ever built. Now she's a certifiable Bimmerphile, driving a Z4 in the summer and, against her son's protestations, an X3 in the cold winter months. My mother drives a 3-series, but of the Mazda variety. All of Wojdyla's women like tiny Japanese cars, so his mom is rocking a Toyota Corolla. The mysterious mom of The Auto Insider rocks the GMC Acadia. Even Siler's family is committed to making the rest of us look bad. His mom drives an A4 Avant with a turbodiesel and six-speed manual.

What does/did your mom drive? Bonus points to anyone who's mom still has an LT1-powered Roadmaster Estate with wood paneling.

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