From the comments, we determined the V8-powered Scion tC Drifter wasn't everyone's favorite. Fine. Put your money where your mouth is — what's your favorite track-version of a production car?

As it turns out, like the Scion, our favorite is yet another tiny econo-car. But our fave is the original racing version of the Mini Cooper, which took the diminutive nanny car and turned it into a fierce racing machine, capable of out-handling (if not always overpowering) most of the competition. The Coopers raced in many series, but no Mini series is so beloved or successful as the rallying Mini Cooper Esses of the Monto Carlo Rally. It won in 1964, 1965, and 1967. It should have won in 1966 but was disqualified in a questionable decision from the French judges. Even as a consummate winner it seems like the underdog because of its unflashy and unboastful looks.

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Photo Credit: Vintage Ad Gallery