What's Your Favorite Song With A Car In The Title?

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Back when I was a young and innocent teen, I made a Jalopnik post asking everyone to share their favorite driving songs so that I could put them together into a big playlist. It was one of my worst decisions because, three years on, I still get emails from people asking if I’ll add their brand new song to the playlist because apparently they have a Google alert that lets them know who asks for music and now my email address is forever bombarded with at least six of these emails a day. But I’m back again to tempt fate. I want to know your favorite song with cars in the title.


I am not making a playlist this time. I am simply just looking to enjoy new music because I forgot how much I enjoy music. I used to spend hours religiously scrolling through Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube playlists to find new things to listen to, and I have since ceased to do that because I am no longer a teenager who took every class offered by her high school and got to spend her senior year sitting in the library dicking around.

So, I want some car tunes. Some songs about cars. Some songs that have cars in their title. I do not want your favorite driving songs, because I already have that. I want specific references. Lay ‘em on me.

I’ll get us primed and ready to go. A personal favorite of mine is Revvin’ My CJ-7 by Summer Salt, a local Austin band I had the pleasure of seeing play at a co-op down the street when I lived there in college. They have very chill vibes. They’re the sound of laying on the beach on a warm summer day.

Next we move onto Cadillac Girl by Only Real, which was my most-played song in 2016. It was obscene how much I listened to this song, but when I turn it on now, it reminds me of driving around Austin with my windows down in the spring.

And I would be remiss to omit my other favorite song about Cadillacs, the excellent Cadillac Car by Playboy Manbaby, which I love in part because my husband drives a Cadillac and I get to sing this to him all the time.

Now it’s your turn to share with the class.


Billy Milby

Does Red Barchetta count? Because that.