What's Your Favorite Orphaned Racing Series?

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Last weekend saw the end of both the 2010 F1 and WRC seasons, leaving too many motorsports fans with enough time to finally do some housework. Let's help'em out by reminiscing over the past. What's your favorite orphaned racing series?

I absolutely loved the 1990s reinterpretation of the classic Trans-Am Series. I'd look forward to turning on the TV to watch my favorite driver, Tommy Kendall, take on Paul Gentilozzi, Boris Said, and Scott Sharp. Where else could you watch a Ford Mustang take on a Jaguar XKR, Camaro, and Chevy Corvette? It's basically as close as America's gotten to the V8 Supercars Series, but the series fell out of favor in the 2000s and was reinvented in 2009 with a different setup. Now I want some All Sport Body Quencher.

Remember the great orphaned racing leagues of the past, because you're probably not going to be spending time with your kids anyways.


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I'll give you one word and one number:

Group 5.

Take already awesome cars and inject them with more awesome. Then Race. Enjoy mind explosion.

The cars included Porsche 935s, Ford Escorts and Capri, BMW M1s and 320i turbos, Lancia Beta Monte Carlos, and Toyota Celicas.