The United States Marine Corps was formed 235 years ago today, when Captain Samuel Nicholas created a naval infantry to fight the British. In the centuries since, new missions have meant new tools. What's your favorite Marine Corps vehicle?

In the book Generation Kill, which records the movement of the Marine's 1st Recon Unit in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, reporter Evan Wright makes an interesting observation about the Marine spirit. While the other branches tend to advertise the real world career application of skills learned in service, the Marines basically tell you you'll get to kill a dragon. No promises of a job, No promises of skills learned. Just killing dragons. It attracts a certain kind of soldier, and those soldiers are the kind willing to improvise solutions to problems.

For example, the Navy Seals had a cool "Fast Attack Vehicle" desert runner they were using. The Marines tried it out, but found it wasn't able to carry enough of the cargo they like to bring with them (guns, ammo). The solution? The plainly named but enormously kickass "Interim Fast Attack Vehicle." Based on the Mercedes 290 GDT G-Wagen it's a diesel-powered 4x4 outfitted with as many grenade launchers and guns they can throw on it. Also known as the Wolf it's small, fast, and wonderfully offensive.

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