What's Your Favorite Kei Car?

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The Japanese Kei car is limited by a diminutive size (just 11' x 5') and a meager displacement (660 cc), but these limitations created an entire universe of awesome small-car engineering. What's your favorite Kei car?

In an attempt to allow people the joy of car ownership without overwhelming Japan with vehicles, the country created the minuscule Kei car class by incentivizing the tax and insurance regulations for cars below a certain size and engine displacement. Rather than build boring little econoboxes, the Japanese let their creativity guide them to envision some truly wonderful micro machines. From miniature sport cars, to classic riffs and French designs, to killer tricks the Kei cars are dreamy.

Our favorite? Today it's Mazda's Autozam AZ-1, which was designed by Suzuki but sold by Mazda under their Autozam brand. This little Kei may be the sportiest and rarest of them all, featuring a 660-cc turbo engine mounted behind the tiny seats. As if a mid-engined Kei that looked like a futuristic rally car wasn't cool enough, it even came with Gullwing doors! We probably couldn't fit in one if we could find one, but it's just so cool it would be worth trying.


I think you're turning Japanese, I think you're turning Japanese I really think so.

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