As Regular Car Reviews so eloquently put it, dishonesty is a cardinal sin in the automotive industry. Small cars that try to look big and sporty, big cars that try to look lithe and light. So what car or truck looks like it should?

One of my favorites (and I'm cribbing from Regular Car Reviews again) is the old Toyota RAV4. It didn't try to look big and mean and tough and aggressive and confidence-boosting and whatever else you see on every truck/crossover on the market nowadays.


It was a small SUV and it looked and felt like a small SUV.

Or, as RCR put it, "the RAV4 in the early 2000s wasn't trying to suck your dick. It was a small SUV that wasn't trying to reassure you that you're still a man."

So what's your favorite car or truck that does exactly what it says on the tin? That looks as big as it is, as fast as it is, and not a bit more or less? Trucks that do truck stuff. Sports cars that look cheap and fun. Which one was the most honest and which one pulls your heartstrings?

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