What's Your Favorite Fun, Affordable Four-Door?

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The original SHO gave middle-class dads a chance to live but the current generation, while nice, is just too big and expensive. An E63 is great, but there's a recession going on. What's your favorite fun, affordable four-door?

As often as we've looked at a 1st or 2nd generation SHO and thought "we'd hit it," when we dig deep into the soul it's hard to deny the AWD turbocharged awesomenss contained within a 1991 Galant VR4. It's a homolgation car numbering 2,000 yet it's affordable ($4-5K for a good one) and totally sleeper. It has the same 4G63T DOHC fourbanger found in the Eclipse/Talon putting out 237 HP and 224-lbt of torque through all four wheels but doesn't scream "pull me over" at every light.


Assuming you can't lay down the change for a new M5 and desire four doors, what thrifty and quick sedan would you snag?

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Jonathan Harper

Any 3-series sedan, any day.

The BMW is the benchmark.