What's Your Favorite Driving App?

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My favorite driving app used to be putting my phone away and getting out a paper map, but I've recently come around to the idea of my phone helping out my driving.


Before setting off, I now check INRIX Traffic. I don't use it while I'm driving, but it seems to do a decent job of telling me which of New York's highways to choose from. Since there are at least three highways going to any one place, I have a lot of options. Knowing which route has had an accident can save me a ton of time.

But I only got Inrix because it's free. Surely you know a better app for driving, whether it be for traffic or speed traps or figuring out what's on the radio or whatever else. What app is your favorite?


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Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove/Inrix Traffic

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Dukie - Jalopnik Emergency Management Asshole


GPS directions, user generated information such as speed traps, hazards, traffic & real time re-routing based on traffic conditions on your route.
The company was just bought by Google, so I hope they don't screw it up, but if they add in Google Map data, it could be really awesome!