What's Your Favorite Automotive Unicorn?

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A unicorn is best described as a vehicle sold in the U.S. but rarely seen. Whether because they were rare, unloved, unpopular, or mistreated they've mostly vanished from the American carscape. What's your favorite automotive unicorn?

For me, nothing is better than spotting a Vixen. For those unaware, the Vixen is the motorhome creation of Detroit's short-lived Vixen Motor Company. Designed by a former DeLorean engineer as a futuristic alternative to the giant RVs of the era, many of the vehicles sported a mid-mounted BMW turbo-diesel mated to a French transmission. The swoopy design of the 21-foot long camper made for a low cD of .29, and use of modern materials (plastic!) allowed for a weight of just 5,100 pounds.

Only a handful of Vixens were built, but they're often on Craigslist or eBay for around $25-35K depending on condition and presence of murals. If you do manage to find one there's an active owner's association to help you through sorting out the vehicle.


I found one, once, owned and lived-in by a journeyman mechanic who was waiting for his girlfriend at a roller-skating rink behind an art supply store. Haven't seen it since.

What's your favorite unicorn? Have you ever seen one? Where? Pics?

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For me, it's the BMW Z8 roadster. Stunning car in person...