What's Your Favorite Auto Tool?

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While peeking into your garages we couldn't help but notice the many tools populating the shelves (and floors, backseats, coffee cans, etc) and it led us directly to this query: what's your favorite auto tool?


Trying to find a consensus pick for favorite tool was a fool's errand this morning. Everyone has a different style. For Wojdyla it's either a set of his new ratcheting box wrenches or a plasma cutter which, of course, he does not own. Siler, usually so anti-technolgy, surprisingly did not answer: stick. He'd like an air wrench because "never before has man held so much power over machine." Wert, who loves technology, answered the same. Personally, we like a good four-way lug wrench both for the added torque and the self-defense properties. Also, it'll come in handy if someone with an air wrench decides to use one on our Virgos.

What about you? A favorite tool? Please include pictures and video if you have it. No, we're not talking about that tool. Get your minds out of the gutter.


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Photo Credit: MIKE SIMMONDS/AFP/Getty Images