Wandering the aisles of my local auto parts store last night it struck me how much crap I wanted to buy. Haynes manuals for cars I don't own? Sure. Ford-logo barstools? Why not. What's your favorite auto store binge purchase.

Seriously, your average Autozone or O'Rielly is full of more impulse buys than six Albertsons (or ten Piggly Wigglys depending on region). If there's something you actually need — say an ignition module pigtail — it's going to be hiding in the back somewhere. Need some grease? It's underneath 64 variations on the spotted cheetah steering wheel cover.

And while some of it is obnoxiously tacky or boyracer, there's still a lot there for the true gearhead. I seriously almost purchased a Haynes for a 700-series Volvo just for some good reading. But in addition to the bulbs for my wife's car I'd gone into buy, I couldn't help but walk out with some tape. I love tape and if I was going to fix a broken light clip I'd only use 3M Super 33 and I was running dangerously low. And why not some automotive green masking tape. What for? Who knows. It's just there.

It's okay to give in to your repressed consumerism, it's important for the economy. What's your favorite auto store binge purchase?

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