When we're not working we're on Craigslist or eBay looking for the mint DSM in the rough. The hidden deal. We know you are, too. What's your fantasy Craigslist find?

There's rarely a shortage of E30 Bimmers for sale, but most of them you wouldn't want. A popular target for tuners and street racers, finding a cherry one is quite the challenge. But it's a doable challenge. There are a few one-owner and two-owner babied cars out there. What we're always looking for is the super rare E30 touring wagon version owned by some old woman who purchased it new, with a stick, and drove it to church, the grocery store and home every weekend. Oh, and her son is a BMW mechanic and she's only charging KBB value for it.

One of these days we'll find one without the word "modified" anywhere in the listing.

What about you? What are you searching for? Hope springs eternal and, thanks to the Internet, it's also searchable.

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