What's Your Dream Two-Car Garage?

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Some enthusiasts want to own a fleet of dream cars, but don’t have that Jay Leno money or storage space. Today’s Question Of The Day is a challenge: What is your dream two-car garage?


The limitation proposed in this question is difficult to comprehend. As you know, 12 Jalopnik writers own 49 cars, with a couple of us owning cars into the double digits. What would we do without our multiples of Smart Fortwos, Jeeps or Volkswagens? This question is mean!

A lot of folks live in places where space is limited and storage is horrendously expensive. A single parking space in a big city can cost as much as a whole house. And if you can’t score covered parking, you’re left street-parking your dream rides. Move away from the city and you can run into strict homeowners associations, condo associations or just town and city ordinances that don’t like car collectors.

If I had to clear everything out but two vehicles I’d have the Honda Beat and my Smart Fortwo Edition #1. The Fortwo is still my original attainable dream car while the Beat is perfectly representative of where my tastes are today.

That second spot would be hotly contested, too. I wouldn’t want to say bye to my first-generation Audi TT, the other three Smarts, the Suzuki Every that’s still on a boat or the Passat W8.

What would your dream two-car garage look like? There are many different ways to go about this. Would you have one practical car and one impractical car? Two impractical cars? Or do you have a single dream car that does it all? Let us know!

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Santiago of Escuderia Boricua

Already done. LT1 roadmaster and BRZ rally car