What's Your Best Tip For Car Photography?

Shooting cars is very simple: you take your camera, point it at something with a Lamborghini or Ferrari or Bugatti badge and presto! You're in the money. Well, eh, maybe not.

There are lots of tips and techniques for how to shoot cars. What took me a while to master was getting steady panning shots right.


Basically, you move your camera following with a moving car, so that it looks like the car stays in motion while the background is blurry. It gives an impression of speed that you just don't get any other way.

How do you get it right? Well, I practiced by taking pictures of cars driving by at night. Night after night I went out, mostly taking super blurry pictures of nothing, until I finally had it right.


What tip do you have for someone hoping to take pretty pictures of cars?

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Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove

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