What's Your Best Engine Rebuild Story?

Today we head the story of a Detroit kid rebuilding a genuine $35 Hemi. Of course, he isnt' the only ones to have torn an engine apart and put it back together.

Reader Turbineguy told his own engine rebuild story.

I did something similar right after high school, buying what I thought was a 454 from a boneyard. Turned out to be a 1968 396. I tore it down and rebuilt the bottom end and had the heads rebuilt. Ended up selling it to a dude with a Chevelle project car. A few years later I bought a marine Ford 427 top-oiler for a Cobra project (that never materialized). I did the same work as the 396 and sold it to a guy who used it to build up a SOHC for a '69 Mustang. I wish I'd been able to hear those engines run.


Zoom also has experience rebuilding an engine many, many times over.

I ripped apart a two stroke top end every winter from when I was 10 in my dirt bike because someone told me I had to once a year. Didn't even hone it because I didn't know what a hone was. I wish I had pictures.

We're sure you have an even better engine rebuild story, though maybe not as crazy as the one pictured at the top of this post, where a man is rebuilding the motor in a Lancia Gamma.

Photo Credit: tonylanciabeta

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