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We like to call out car companies for when they mess up, and when it’s horrible to deal with them. But every so often we’re reminded that manufacturers and dealers are made up of people. People who can get out of their way to be the best in the world for you.


One instance that comes to mind pretty readily is the story of the first wrecked 2016 Mazda Miata. It’s a car that’s so brand new that I still haven’t seen any on the street. As a customer was picking up their Launch Edition car, one of only 1000 made, they were rear-ended by a pickup truck, forcing the Miata into the car in front.

Both sides were smushed, doing plenty of damage to the unibody structure.

That makes for plenty of unseen damage, but legally speaking, the car was in the Miata owner’s hands, and it was a matter for the insurance companies involved to sort out. Mazda was under no obligation whatsoever to do anything.


But because some nice people work at both Mazda’s American headquarters and at the dealership the car came from, they decided to replace it, free of charge.

Which is damn fine customer service.

But Mazda’s not the only company with people out there working for it. When else did a manufacturer or dealer go beyond the call of duty for you?

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