What's Your Automotive Shibboleth?

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Most minor league car enthusiasts know the difference between a Countach and a Diablo, so to ascertain if someone is truly auto-literate you gotta throw something tricky at them. A shibboleth. What's your automotive shibboleth?


This question popped up the other day while hanging out with some other autojournos and car enthusiasts. While waxing gearhead about the Audi R8, Mustang-v-Camaro and other usual car enthusiast topics of discussion someone mentioned the Chevy Citation X-11. A few of us immediately jumped into a conversation about the dinky front-tracking compact. It's a total D-list car, but it takes a certain love of automobiles to be so keenly aware and excited about the mention of one. And to credit the X-11, it did pick up two SCCA championships in its class, though those cars have likely turned into a rusty mess.

What car do people need to know in order to pass into your good graces?

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Dodge Neon. and not just "know" but have a level above "Zero" respect for.