Car abuse comes in many forms. There's lackadaiscal maintenace, abusive driving habits, and just plain ol' malicious neglect. What's the worst way you can think of to abuse a car?

Owning a car is about driving. Firing up a machine you enjoy and hitting the open road with friends or even for a quiet, contemplative drive on your own. We can't wrap our heads the hands-off, lint-free, climate-controlled, bubble-storage car collectors. The folks so concerned with preserving what they percieve as the value of their car that it's no longer about having fun, it's about maintaining a collectible. Even the rarest of the breed deserves to have its legs stretched regularly, that's what they were built for. To let them sit, and not collect dust is just sad. More than sad, it's abuse.


So what about you? What do you consider the most abhorrent type of automotive abuse?

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