What's the Worst Trip You've Ever Taken With a Pet?

Did you have a bad time with your snake on a plane, or perhaps your pup pooped in your Peugeot? We want to know about it.

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Sweet gentle boy, also a full-on automotive terrorist.
Sweet gentle boy, also a full-on automotive terrorist.
Photo: Kyle Hyatt/Jalopnik

Taking a road trip is generally a very exciting thing. Whether it’s by yourself or with friends, the lure of the great highway is undeniable – unless you’re traveling with an animal. No, seriously. The way to take any long drive and make it instantly nightmarish is to take a pet who doesn’t like the car with you. So, I ask you this, what is the worst experience you’ve ever had driving with a pet?

Mine involves taking my otherwise unbelievably sweet, good-natured and easygoing cat Hank on a drive from my parent’s house on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington to my new apartment in Portland, Oregon. This is around a 3.5-hour drive, usually, but here’s the thing, Hank’s one big issue (other than jealousy) was the car. He goddamned hated being in motion at more than walking speed.

A blue 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta sedan is parked on grass behind a picket fence.
Not an ideal car for a 3.5 hour drive with an angry cat.
Photo: Kyle Hyatt/Jalopnik

This trip was made worse by the fact that I was making the drive in my absurdly loud and impractical 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta sedan with questionable rubber seals on the doors and windows, and a shall-we-say “uncorked” exhaust system. This meant that not only did I feel like was in a WWII bomber, but I had my 20-pound cat making air-raid siren noises at top volume the entire time, and at the three-hour mark, he pooped in his carrier.

Cleaning a shitty cat in a gas station bathroom is not something I’d recommend to anyone. The second I get to my apartment and get him upstairs, he is perfectly happy and purring and rubbing on my leg again. I was never the same.

So, tell me all about your automotive animal horror stories and let me bask in your misery. Also, please include animal photos, lots of them.