What's The Worst Road Trip You've Ever Taken?

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Road trips are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but some of us end up on a trip so bad that we wished that we stayed home. What’s the worst road trip you’ve ever taken?


Our David Tracy will soon be picking up his most dilapidated project yet across the country. While his drive out should be great in his luxurious Lexus LX470, the Jeep FC he intends to make the return journey in looks pretty beat. Will the FC start? Will it move? Will it make it down the street before completing its return to nature? How will he drive it without a driver’s seat? He’s driving 2,500 miles out to Washington to find out.

My worst trip was my 900-mile journey home after buying a Suzuki Burgman in Pennsylvania. Not only did the bitter cold eat its way through my five layers of clothes, but the rear tire sprung a leak some 300 miles in. It was near midnight when I noticed the flat tire. At that moment, I realized that I forgot to buy some tire sealant for the way home. Well, at least I had roadside assistance, right?

The tire managed to go flat in an area, so rural that all of the roadside assistance companies within range closed up shop for the night. After a full five hours of calling everyone, I ended up limping the Burgman to the nearest city, obliterating the poor tire. I completed the rest of the drive home with the Burgman in the back of a U-Haul.

Do you have a similar harrowing experience? What was your worst road trip?

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12 hours across the Plains where the only pages my phone browser would load were Jalopnik slideshows.