The motor is the heart of any car. Sometimes that heart has a hard time pumping life into a car that needs or deserves much more. What powerplant promised the world but left owners flat-footed?

Ford's Romeo 4.6 modular V-8 was supposed to be the next great blue-oval engine when it came out: it was a clean design, it incorporated the newest production techniques, it was intended to carry Ford's power-for-the-people image into the 21st century. What it didn't do was live up to gearhead expectations. It's not a terrible engine, but it never really replaced the classic Windsor pushrod V-8 in most people's minds; it's a motor more for taxis than track terrors. The Coyote five-liter version has restored some serious muscle and pride to the Mustang, but the fleet of 4.6L models out there still seem to be lacking the right stuff.


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