What's The Worst Getaway Car After A Bank Heist?

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Recently, I had the pleasure of watching the movie Drive again, where handsome Canadian sociopath Ryan Gosling does awesome getaway driver stuff, assaults people with hammers and stares at women for long, awkward periods without ever talking to them. It's pretty badass.


The highlight of the movie for me is when Gosling's character escapes from the scene of a botched pawn shop robbery in a new Mustang GT. Forget for a second how unrealistic the signature stunt is, or how a 5.0 Mustang would walk away from a Chrysler 300 faster than I walk toward a breakfast buffet line. I still think it's a lot of fun to watch, and I think a V8 'Stang is a good choice for a getaway vehicle. It's fast, popular enough that there are tons of them in any major city (and thus harder to spot by cops), and the newer ones even handle decently.

My question for you this weekend was going to be what car you'd choose if you just robbed a bank, but it turns out Mike Spinelli beat me to the punch two years ago. (Thanks a lot, Mike.)

So let's flip the script a little bit. What's the worst getaway car in the world?

I think this may be the one question where "Miata" isn't the answer. Trust me, you'd want some power in this situation, and Mazda's little roadster wouldn't cut it in that department. You would also want something with a roof that's at least a little bit better at keeping bullets out of the cabin. In other words, get a hardtop Miata with a turbo kit. Then you're good to go.

What about you guys? What would you least want to be driving if you just robbed a bank and you had the black and whites on your ass?



The Bentley Mulsanne.