What's The Worst Financial Decision You've Ever Seen Made By A Car Enthusiast?

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As car enthusiasts, we tend to spend a lot of money on cars and car related accessories. Sometimes we throw money at something we shouldn’t have. What’s the worst financial decision you’ve ever seen made by a car enthusiast?


Today’s QOTD is inspired by the same question asked by Claire xD on Twitter. The responses were absolutely hilarious and I bet you lovely readers have similarly great stories.

Admittedly, the worst financial decision I’ve ever seen was made by myself. Back in early 2018, I wanted to add a fourth Smart Fortwo to my fleet. I searched far and wide before landing on a gray market import 2005 Smart Fortwo Cabriolet. It had a concerning electrical issue and at $3,000, I felt the price was too high. But I’ve always wanted a convertible Smart and I was determined to buy a Smart right away, so off my $3,000 went.

Less than a week later, a Smart that’s a legend in the Smart community appeared for sale. This Toyota engine-swapped and supercharged Smart is the one famous for ripping wheelies while beating Mustangs.

It all could have been mine for only $4,500. I shouldn’t have been so impatient and waited only a few days longer. Every day I hope to find that car for sale again. As of the moment it is my dream car.

The Smart I bought? It spent most of its time sitting around being broken before I sold it.

My coworker Bradley Brownell had a concise answer to this same question: He spent $2,000 on air bags for his $2,000 Nissan Leaf.


What terrible financial decisions have you seen? Perhaps your own financial decisions were the absolute worst? Have cars put you into the poor house?

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What’s The Worst Financial Decision You’ve Ever Seen Made By A Car Enthusiast?

Being a car enthusiast IS the worst financial decision. I can’t help it though. I was born this way.