What's The Worst Exit Ramp In The World?

If you're lost on a freeway and have to pull over, logic tells us we should easily be able to turn around. But then sometimes we end up lost in a hellish maze that leads us to no man's land.

Most exit ramps are simple but there's always that one that just makes no sense. Or there's one that's simply too dangerous to be an exit ramp. Or there's one that takes you nowhere that you need to be. And there are ones that have the dreaded "no re-entry" sign that you don't see until it's too late to stay on the freeway.


One of my Twitter pals pointed out that the worst exit ramp in Detroit has to be exit 6B to Elmhurst Avenue on the southbound Lodge Freeway. It's arguably the most pointless exit in the entire city. There's no overpass for Elmhurst over the Lodge, so no re-entry northbound. When you exit, there's an immediate right turn with no stop sign, and there's oncoming traffic. And the street leads you to one one-way streets (Rosa Parks Boulevard) and Elmhurst itself becomes a do-not-enter one-way, forcing you to turn onto Rosa Parks and eventually find your way somewhere, anywhere...but far from the freeway.

Second place would have to be the accidental Pleasant Valley Road exit on westbound I-96 near Brighton that takes you through metropark hell and back before getting back onto the freeway, but that's a mistake you only make once.

What's the worst exit ramp you've ever seen?

[Screenshot: Google]

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