What's The Worst Car On Sale Today?

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With the holidays around the corner, generous people are planning to slap big cliche bows on new cars. It's a great gift, but not easy to return, so let's help would-be Santas: what's the worst car on sale today?

Oh Dodge Caliber, it's starting to get too easy to make fun of you. You were the product of a company trying to make small cars seem more like SUVs exactly when people started worrying about buying SUVs because of fuel prices. You're not very attractive, you have an interior made of discarded Chinese knockoff Playskool molds, and you're going to be replaced soon. Even worse, with a $16,880 MSRP and only 31 mpg highway rating, there are numerous better alternatives on the market from almost any other automaker at a comparable or even lower price. It does have a refrigerated glove box, though. So it's not totally awful.


Your 16-year-old will love to get a new car for Christmakwanzakah, but they'll probably love you more if you get them something that doesn't suck. What new car sucks so bad you can't gift it?

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