Summer is here. With it comes the promise of awesome cross-country journeys to exotic places like Paris, TX or Frankfort, KY. Sadly, not all vehicles are up to the task. What's the worst car for a road trip?

Though it didn't necessarily provide the best transportation for the Griswolds, we think crossing the country in a Family Truckster Replica would be awesome. On the other hand, we can think of another 80s kitsch movie car we wouldn't want to drive for long distances. Our love of the DeLorean DMC-12 doesn't extend to driving it hundreds or thousands of miles.

The stainless steel metallic body makes it hot in the summertime. You can't roll down the windows far so, should you have no A/C, you're toast (literally). This also presents a problem when trying to go through a drive through. There's little room to store anything larger than a couple of suitcases. Should you break down it's not like there's a handy cache of DeLorean parts down the street (unless you break down in Humble, TX). Plus, when you drive around in a DeLorean (or another exotic/rare car) people like to swerve near your lane to check it out. It's cute the first time and scary the rest of the time. The interior isn't awful but it's not especially comfortable. Overall, it's cool for tooling around town but not tooling around your state.


Can you beat the DeLorean?

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