With great power comes great responsibility, yet there are numerous powerplants produced for cars their creators would like to take no responsibility for. What's the worst engine of all time?

Years of revisions, experimentation, and careful evaluation has produced engines capable of making great power while attaining amazing efficiency and reliability. None of those words can be used to describe the 2.2-liter Chevy fourbanger from the early 1990s. Found in the Cavalier, Beretta, Sunfire, and S-10 variants it's amazingly bad for a modern engine. A bored-and-stroked version of an engine that was already long-in-the-tooth, power was a meager 95-115 hp in most versions. The internals would occasionally rust like a Michigan Fiat as the miles climbed and the design was so awful GM abandoned everything but the displacement in creation of the vastly superior Ecotec engine. Old GM versus New GM in engine form.

Can you do worse?

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Photo Credit: Bob Is The Oil Guy