What's The Wildest Wreck You've Walked Away From?

We had snow in Texas last night, wreaking havoc on commuters. But nothing tops Highway 99 today, making us wonder: what's the wildest wreck you've walked away from?


To help us with this question, Kevin M. provided his own story prompted by today's DOTS car.

Back in 1976ish, as a punk kid with a interest in all things pot related .... I was out one evening with some 'buds'. I was sitting over the engine compartment of an early 70's Type 3 Sqaureback VW as we headed out to some unknown destination.....

The guy driving the VW took a turn at warp speed and rolled the bugger. He had his girlfriend riding shotgun. In front of me, in the back, sat 2 guys who had weed and no car ...... then there is me bouncing around taking out side windows with my feet as we redecorated a lawn and mailbox in Rosemont, PA.

All 5 people in the car that night walked away. I got home and never told my parents or family the real reason why I spent the next few days in my room listening to Dark Side of the Moon. To this day I do not know how it was that none of use were injured. We took two full revolutions and landed upright with the engine still running. We left that car right there on some poor guys lawn. I remember crawling out a side window that just a few moments
before I had busted out with my High Top Keds.

Maybe the Pot did the trick ..... relaxing all the participants in such a way as to allow them a free ride on the Wheel of mis-fortune. More likely then not: the German Engineering saved us.


Your turn.

[Photo: RS6.com]

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