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Motorcycle riders say that their two-wheel machines represent a purer, more involved way of attaining speed than cars do. From that, you might think that motorcycles have had fewer weird experiments over the years than cars. You'd be wrong.


That's our question of the day: What is the weirdest motorcycle ever made?

Submitted for your approval: the Suzuki RE5 of the mid-1970s. It's one of just a handful of motorcycles to be powered by a Wankel rotary engine. (Norton tried this a few times too.) On paper, a rotary sounds perfectly suited to a bike — it's small, powerful, and incredibly smooth. What's not to like there?


Unfortunately, like the rotary engine in cars, the idea just didn't really catch on. It remains a neat experiment, though.

Your turn, what's the weirdest thing on two wheels?

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