What's The Weirdest Ford Ever Built?

For decades now, Ford has been in an awkward second place in the American market. Coupled with strong and independent international wings, the company has turned out some weird vehicles. But what's the weirdest?

I'd point to the original Ford Corcel as one of the strangest. Thanks to a couple of associated ties between Renault and Willys-Overland, which was inherited by Ford of Brazil when they purchased out their American rivals' operations down there in the early 1960s.


What's weird about the Corcel is that under the skin it's remarkably similar to the Renault 12 (which lived another alternate life as a Dacia), but the Ford Corcel actually predated the launch of the Renault by two years! So Ford built a Renault before Renault actually got around to the job.

As this 1970 ad spot for the car shows, it was pretty good at getting taken off sweet jumps.

What's the weirdest Ford you can think of?

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