What's The Sexiest Minivan?

Everyone thinks that minivans are punishment vehicles. Cars you buy when you've given up any sense of style, or hope, or creativity in the face of baby strollers and training wheels. Not so!

As we all know, minivans are the hottest new vehicles for out-and-out automotive jackasses, and there are tons of deeply cool production models available right off the showroom floor, if not in the Land of the Free.


While us Amis get stuck with the relatively dull Sienna, Japanese buyers can pony up for a Toyota Vellfire. It's badass on the outside and you can order it completely awesome on the inside. Check out these thrones on the Hybrid ZR Premium Seat Edition.

So what do you think is the sexiest minivan? Bonus points go to people who can find cars offered from the factory and on sale today.

Photo Credits: Toyota

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