The most powerful car I've ever driven had 547 horsepower. I can't even begin to imagine having over double that on tap, and at a certain point you have to ask why bother?

Today we saw what a reasonably capable car (in this case, a tuned BMW E30) is like with nearly 1.2 million millihorsepowers. It's a handful to say the least. To say the most would be about an hour of drooling and babbling about fourth gear oversteer. This made stb5048 wonder.

What's the point of having 1192 hp if you can't even use half of it because you'll just spin the tires?


It's a good question, and I think it warrants a bit of philosophizing. Why do people supercharge Vipers? Why does Hennessey twin-turbo Ferrari 458s? What's the appeal of too much power?

Photo Credit: The Wonderful World of YouTube

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