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The weird stuff people do in their cars is well cataloged on Jalopnik, but now we want to know what’s the oddest thing you’ve ever used your car for.


Cars are tools. Beautiful, emotional, often-frustrating tools we use to transport our flesh bodies around, among other things. Like groceries.

But cars have also been adapted for weird things, too. Some people like to take pictures while sitting the back of an SUV with the tailgate open at highway speeds. Other people like to go camping in their cars.

Some may intentionally use cars as garden decoration. The gubbermint uses cars to set up highly advanced and extremely receptive radio equipment to tap into phone lines and internet services. Probably.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever used your car for? Was it used as a display for your yard sale? Did you paint something on it as a way of expressing your complex emotional depth? Did you make a couch out of it?


Please don’t use your car as a weapon. Unless it is self defense.

Please do tell us what crazy things you’ve used a car for.

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