The car world is always changing, with prices rising with currency inflation and bodies growing with, uh, human inflation. Sometimes, it's not as easy to compare old vs new as you'd think.

Today I pointed out that a 3,100 lbs Mustang isn't particularly light when you compare it to an old 2,445 lbs first-year model. Voice of reason BrtStlnd was not pleased.

I think THIS will be the lightest Mustang. Comparing the weight of a car in 2014 vs 1965 is like saying "Hey why don't they sell this thing for $2500 any more?!"

I give it to you, Brt, the comparison is not as simple as comparing numbers vs. numbers. But there are plenty of useless comparisons going around the automotive Internet these days. Can you really even compare an E30 M3 to an E92, as you used to see all the time? What other worthless comparisons irk you?


Photo Credit: Ford