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What's The Most Unlikely Car To Have A Manual Transmission?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Most Unlikely Car To Have A Manual Transmission?

In your Jalopnik staff's daily scouring of Craigslist posts for potential crapcan racers we can crash and be horribly burned in, we came across this very compelling $1,000 1993 Lexus ES300. I say compelling because in addition to its early 90s Japanese luxury and style, it also has a stick.


Did you know the early ESes could be had with a manual transmission? It was news to me! I had no idea the ES, easily the most boring of all Lexi, once had a row-your-own option like the Camry it was based on.

It's always nice to find out a car has a stick shift when you never would have guessed it did. Today, we tend think of manual gearboxes as the exclusive purview of either cheap or sporting cars, but they can pop up in lots of places.


That's our question of the day: What's the most unlikely car to have a stick shift?

This ES makes a good contender, but I'm sure there are better examples out there. Tell us about the surprise manuals you've seen.

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