What's The Most Underrated Automotive Color?

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Silver's become an obnoxiously popular color lately, with automakers trying to get consumers to get excited about "frozen gray" paint jobs. Boring. We can do better. What's the most underrated automotive color?


Every other supercar seems to come in matte black or matte white, as if you can make a Bugatti low key or stealthy by lowering its albedo. But what of the original matte color? Army tank green. It manages to stand out while blending in and, unlike matte black, it's not designed to avoid shimmering because that's the cool thing to do. It's designed to absorb light so it doesn't absorb bullets. Green is the new brown is the new black.


What's the most underrated automotive color?

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Buster Brew

Blues can be tricky and subject to rapid rises and falls in popularity. The right one however can look great and be timeless. Witness BMW's Estoril blue, looks great on sedans, coupes, roadsters and SUV's.