With all the talk of brake problem this and recall that, we figured it was time to talk about cars without problems. What's the most trouble-free car that you've owned? (Answers with the word "Toyota" in them don't count.)

The troubles at Toyota are . . . well, troubling, but we have to retain a bit of perspective. Product recalls have been around since long before the automobile, and with few exceptions, they rarely spell the end of a manufacturer. They are also rarely as important as the media makes them out to be.

On that note, it's time for a change of subject — it's time to celebrate the good, the unfailing, the well-designed. Everyone has owned a car that provided years of trouble-free service, no? Hasn't everyone experienced the joy that comes from driving a vehicle that needs nothing but gas and tires? What was it — condition, mileage, age, color, all of it? What's the most trouble-free car that you've had?

(Feel free to bring up Toyotas, but if we could, let's try and keep the Big T talk to a minimum. Some of us are a little burned out.)


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