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What's The Most Space-Efficient Car You've Ever Driven?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Most Space-Efficient Car Youve Ever Driven?

If you've ever sat shotgun in a new Porsche Cayenne you know that some cars aren't as roomy on the inside as they look on the outside. Others are masters of space efficiency.


I, for instance, remain completely dissatisfied with any FWD car with a floor shifter and a transmission hump between the front seats. I've logged many hours in a second gen Prius and (WARNING: complimentary statement about a Toyota Prius is about to follow. Please get your barf bags ready) I'm still happy at how there's no center stack and just lots of room below the dashboard. That's the joy of pushbutton controls and a dash shifter, something understood by Gr8Dane.


There was a bit of a discussion about 4x4s on our maybe zombie-proof Honda Ridgeline post. Gr8Dane said he was happy with his '98 S10 Blazer 4x4 LT because "Blessed be thy Push-Button Transfer Case." Thebloody323 wasn't impressed.

Push button?

Bro do you even lever?

That's when Gr8Dane revealed the wonderment of space efficiency.

I used to in my old 4Runner, but then discovered the magic of column-shift + push buttonsand how much free-storage-area they allowed for.

The old way suddenly seemed like a waste of space.

Yes, space efficiency is something to be appreciated in any car, from the lowliest Mini Cooper to the biggest COE Chevy.

What car (or truck) made you marvel at is tidy packaging and outstanding roominess?

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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Congratulations, Mr. Gr8Dane and Mr. Thebloody323, on COTD today! I have for each of you a spacious SUV which this lovely lady will bring to you when she's done doing whatever she's doing.