What's The Most Ridiculous Spoiler?

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We don't meant telling anyone the silly end to Battlestar Gallactica, we mean the wings and spoilers designed to disrupt air or create downforce but mostly disrupt our breakfast and make us want to upchuck. What's the most ridiculous spoiler?


This photo comes courtesy of Ryan, who spotted this poor Viper outside of American LeMans/Micheline Motorsports in Greenville, South Carolina. Where to start? It seems to be made of metal borrowed from a tractor and a wing that's quite likely just painted aluminum siding. The construction quality is somewhere in the level of Haitian doghouse. And even if that wasn't there, it would still be held up by a pair of dice. We doubt the wing makes the car any faster. More likely, if the car gets going fast enough it'll probably just fly off.

We've raised the spoiler high today, so see if you can find a more ridiculous stock or aftermarket spoiler or wing?

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Jonathan Harper

Anything FWD with a rear spoiler. Dammit. Don't you get it?