What's The Most Ridiculous Reason You've Been Pulled Over?

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With the tax base shrinking and increased unemployment putting a strain on services, governments have to make up the revenue somehow (ahem, air-fresheners)... so what's the most ridiculous reason you've been pulled over?


We've polled the staff and come up with some stories that would be hard to believe if you didn't know the culprits. Wojdyla was given a ticket for taking a right on a yellow, which isn't so bad. Ray was once popped for driving a red Nissan GT-R in Brooklyn and having a "hard-to-read license plate." You know, those bright blue-on-white California manufacturer plates. Way hard to read if you're totally blind. Coincidentally, the officer sitting shotgun was a Nissan fan-boy and all he wanted to do was ask questions about the car — which Ray dutifully attempted to answer — while the officer's partner took his sweet time running his plate, license and insurance. They could have just said "my partner wants to see your car." Honesty's always the best policy.

Not surprisingly, Wes has the best story. He was pulled over for speeding, reckless riding, no license and no insurance. This was while he was sitting at a red light and in possession of both his license and proof of insurance.

Everyone else on this site has only been pulled over for completely logical reasons.

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Jonathan Harper

First time I was ever pulled over the officer's reason was that I "Looked lost"...

...When he first saw me I was sitting at the stop sign at the end of my own street putting a cd into the player.

He turns around and comes back down as I make a left off my street. In my rearview I see him pull a quick U-turn right where I had been stopped.

I make another turn and second later he's right behind me. This is the weird part, he followed me at 25 mph on the dot tailing only about 3 or 4 feet off my bumper for almost 2 miles.

THEN I come to the one intersection in the neighborhood where everyone usually treats the stop sign like a yield.

Of course, there being a cop up my ass, I slowly stop, look and wait a second, then begin to pull away from the stop. Only then does he light me up and I pulled over right away.

I got a 'verbal warning' for looking lost...in my own neighborhood.

When I told my parents the story all they could ask was, "but what were you doing to get pulled over?" #qotd