What's The Most Ridiculous Car To Drive To A Wedding?

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Next week, I'm going to a wedding for one of my best friends from college. I want to show up in something insane when I get there that'll make everyone say "who the hell is that guy? I need to talk to him!" What car would you drive to make that happen?

In a way, this is a lot like a high school reunion. I'll be seeing my best friends, as well as people that I've lost contact with in the years since we've graduated. It promises to be a shit ton of fun. And I want to drive up there in a crazy car. She's also getting married in Newport, RI, so driving something fit for the politburo is not out of place. (Want to say that, as many have noted in the comments, this event isn't about me at all. I'm not going to show up to the reception or ceremony like a douche, it's more for fun the days before the wedding, when we're hanging out around the town. It'll also be an interesting road trip to see how good whatever the mystery car is...)

I should say that I already know what car I'm taking to the wedding, and I don't think it'll disappoint (I don't want to say what it is yet, because these sorts of things sometimes fall through and I might end up in a Ford Escape).


What I want to know is what you'd choose if you had the chance?

Photo Credit: Hugo Wong