What's The Most Retro-Looking Car?

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There were more than 1,300 answers to our question: "what older car looks as good as new?" Now we're inverting our challenge: What's the most retro car?


Whether it's a new car meant to look old, or an old car desperately trying to look new, we'd like to know what car looks the most retro in 2010. Our answer? The early 60's Studebaker Hawk. No doubt, they're awesome, but the late 1950s and early 1960s designers employed so many then-hip design cues in an attempt to look like the future it now looks hilariously old fashioned. Gun sights? Check. Dagmar-esque bumpers? Check. Fins out back? Check. Throw in two-tone paint and white-wall tires and it's more retro than Dick Van Dyke flying Pan-Am.

Let's all be retronauts for a day. What's the most retro car out there? Bonus points for an equally retro-looking shot.

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From what I gathered from latest reports (along with the rest of us) it's a Pinanfarina one-off Stratos. Nonetheless, this thing screams retro.