What's the Most Random Feature on Your Car?

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I recently discovered that my 1984 BMW 733i has not one but two cigarette lighters: One up front, as is customary, and one for the rear passengers too.


This information is of little consequence to me, however, as I’m not a smoker (unless I’m very, very drunk, in which case I wouldn’t be near a car anyway) and I don’t spend much time in the back seat.

It’s random, but it makes sense. A 7 Series is as much a car to be driven in as it is to drive. The back seat is meant to be a comfortable, opulent place. So of course rear-seat passengers in the mid-1980s would need their cigarettes lit within easy reach, without having to bother the driver or the front-seat passenger.

I like to imagine two suited executives back in the day, furiously smoking as the car sped away from a tense business meeting, driven by a chauffeur who was also furiously smoking. The car races to its next meeting, clouds of sweet, luxuriant cigarette smoke just pouring out of the windows.

Of course, this never happened in my car. It doesn’t smell like it, anyway. I would not have bought it if that had been the case.

What’s the most random feature you’ve found on your car?

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On my BMW, left and right arrows on my dash... I am not sure what those are for....