What's The Most Obnoxious Limo Conversion?

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As long as there are high school proms, bachelor parties, and MMA champions there will be awful limo conversions. The market seems to be exploding with them. But what's the most obnoxious limo conversion?


Call us conventional, but if you're going to have an SUV limo, then stick to the classics like an Escalade, Excursion or Hummer. They're large vehicles that look appropriate for such a task. It's entirely different and pointless to want an Escalade limo with a tiny little pickup truck bed on the back. What are you going to use that for? Really? If there's no hot tub in it then it's just for some sort of exceptionally back-country vanity. Look, all we're saying is no person impressed by this that has all their teeth.

What do you consider to be the most obnoxious limo conversion of the thousands of custom ones out there? Pictures or it didn't happen.

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Jonathan Harper

Oops I mistook that headline to say 'What's the Coolest Ever Swedish Limo Conversion?"

My bad... #qotd