What's The Most Insane Thing You've Done In Your Car During Winter?

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Now that it’s finally getting cold out and snow is on our minds, it’s time to revisit some of our younger and dumber days of messing around in the stuff with our cars.

There’s just something about the seemingly soft and fluffy aspect of snow that makes certain people want to go try shit in it in their cars. Whether or not this gets you stuck is another story (one that I hope you will tell).

I’m not above this, by the way. Back in high school, we were off dicking around with my friend’s Volvo 240 in an unplowed parking lot because it was a snow day. Best day. What else was there to do in a suburban New Jersey town?


We had the genius idea of tying some rope to the Volvo’s back bumper, giving the rope to someone kneeling on a sled and took turns dragging each other around across the snow with the car. It was so fun! Until, of course, a police officer spotted what we were doing from the road and drove over to tell us off. In fact, I believe his exact words were, “Are you guys fucking crazy?”

Needless to say, he killed the fun. We went home. Here, proof:

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What about you? Did you try doing some stuntin’ in the snow? Leap your car or truck over some snow banks?

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Bigger Putz

Commented on Jalopnik that I keep driving in the snow on all-season tires.