What's The Most Inexplicable Car Buying Decision You've Ever Seen?

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Buying a car is never rational, but sometimes you look at someones car and can only think, "you bought that?"

Today we told the story of a car dealer who couldn't believe anyone bought a Dodge Caliber from him. That's how un-competitive the car was. Reader Maxis47 had a similar experience.

Speaking of Calibers: I was walking through my neighborhood with my wife last night and we walked by a house with two Calibers in the driveway. What would cause them to buy two? You would think they'd have learned from the first one not to buy a second one.


GreenN_Gold also witnessed a case of Caliber Purchasing Syndrome.

My neighbor owned a Cadillac XLR and a base Caliber. He lives alone. He drove the Caliber WAY more often than one would expect. He would occasionally say hi to me when I was outside, so I mentioned to him once, "You must enjoy driving your XLR a lot more." And he said, "Well, the Caliber rides better."

People are weird, man. People are weird.

Have you ever seen a friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker buy a car that made seriously no sense? What about the one guy in your town still driving a Fiat Ritmo? Or the lady around the corner with an all-gold Pt Cruiser? How can these cars be explained?

Photo Credit: Dodge