What's The Most Iconic Pininfarina Design?

One thing I'm sure all of us can agree with is that Pininfarina has designed some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous cars ever made. What makes the news of Andrea Pininfarina's death even sadder is that it could spell the end for the iconic company, which has been in the business of making cars pretty since May 22, 1930. With such a long history, it's incredibly hard to pick one model to define it.


Could it be this Dino 246? Or what about the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider? Or is that the wrong era entirely? Maybe it was futuristic models like the Dino 206 Competizione or Ferrari Modulo that truly define the company's vision. What about the Maserati Birdcage or the P4/5? What do you think? What's the most iconic Pininfarina design?

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