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When owning a second car dedicated to epic hoonage isn't an option, one needs a single car that can handle both commuting and executing smoky, four-wheel drifts on weekends (or on the way home). What's the most hoonable daily driver?


It's a tough question, if only because so many cars fit the bill. We're going with a car that won't look out of place in even the most conservative corporate parking lot, but can still be there for the most vicious hoonishness imaginable. Our choice? E39 BMW 540i. This midsize Bimmer can play the executive car role, but underneath beats the heart of a rear-drive muscle car. Its agility is above average, and it can whip up a doughnut that'll make a Crispy Creme hang its little, glazed head in shame. We'll take ours in Orient Blue with the M Sportpack. (Thanks to Cheh Poh'r for today's QOTD)

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