What's The Most Fun Fuel Efficient Car?

Can you have a car that’s good on gas and still truly fun to drive? Of course you can! Welcome to 2016, where cars have the most power, most efficiency and fewest compromises ever. On the latest episode of What Car Should You Buy, the Jalopnik writers and our friends evaluate the best choices.


I think it’s silly to say that a car can’t be fuel efficient and fun. I regularly average 30 MPG on my Mini Cooper S and I drive it like I’m being chased by police every day. You could easily do the same in Volkswagen GTI. Even a Corvette Stingray, with its powerful 460 horsepower V8, is remarkably fuel-sipping on the highway. And of course, the Mazda Miata remains the answer to everything, including this question.

But a car doesn’t have to be explicitly a performance car to be fun. A used Honda CRX or a new 1.0-liter Ford Fiesta are both surprisingly spirited options that will save you a ton of money at the pump.


Speaking of which: gas is hilariously cheap right now, so why even ask this question? Get yourself a Challenger Hellcat and party until the fossil fuels run out entirely.

What’s the best option for fun and fuel efficiency?

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1991 Honda CR-X HF

50mpg, manual and fun.